Linx [lingks]

noun, linx for 1. a relationship or CONNECTION between people, or organisations that enables communication" a key connection from clients to their world, providers to their clients, power wheelchair manufacturers to their providers and Dynamic Controls with them all.

2. An element that brings together previously disjointed concepts.  "a SEAMLESS system."

What is LiNX?

LiNX is Dynamic Controls' next generation wheelchair control system spanning the simple sit and drive indoor market through to the complex rehab market. The LiNX vision is for a new technology platform that harnesses wireless connectivity, data, and new motor control technology. This new platform is driven by insights collected throughout the value chain, from the wheelchair manufacturer to their client. The result is a single, simple and expandable system for all segments of the wheelchair market.

What are the benefits of LiNX?

The benefits of the LiNX platform are significant; they include:

  1. A seamless and expandable system – you only need one platform across your whole market, simplifying your business by minimising stock variants, and reducing training and support costs.
  2. Modular components – modules and functions can be mixed and matched to suit market needs and opportunities.
  3. Next generation technology – state-of-the-art technology, which is easily updatable and expandable as technology develops.
  4. Revolutionary approach to programming – diagnose and update wheelchair systems wirelessly in real-time, with one of the LiNX Access tools. Configure wheelchairs quickly and more intuitively with a graphical programming interface.

What market segments does the LiNX system target?

LiNX is a seamless system with modules that can be mixed and matched. The releases have been staged by complexity. The basic sit and drive system launched in April 2013 providing an entry level, simple sit and drive solution, ideally suited to light weight indoor use. This was followed in 2014 with the completion of a full sit and drive suite of products that showcases the premium drive experience on all surfaces in all conditions, the benefits of the-state-of-the-art programming and reduced service costs. In 2016 LiNX Rehab Lite was introduced, building seating modules and lighting onto the LiNX system. LiNX Rehab and Custom Rehab will roll out late 2017 with more modules that integrate speciality controls and Bluetooth compatibility.