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LiNX is Dynamic Controls' next generation wheelchair control system spanning the simple sit and drive indoor market through to the complex rehab market. The LiNX vision is for a new technology platform that harnesses wireless connectivity, data, and new motor control technology. This new platform is driven by insights collected throughout the value chain, from the wheelchair manufacturer to their client. The result is a single, simple and expandable system for all segments of the wheelchair market.

Our purpose drives us.
Our ability enables us.
Our values inspire us and guide our behaviours

Model Name Download Name File Size File Type Download link
LiNX DO LiNX DO Presenter 1Mb PDF Download
LiNX LiNX Installation Manual 25Mb PDF Download
LiNX Access PC Tool V5.1.1 Installer 28.8Mb ZIP Download
MyLiNX Quick Start Guide 2.22Mb PDF Download
MyLiNX iOS Application Quick Start Guide 2.06Mb PDF Download
LiNX Access iOS Tool User Manual 16.0Mb PDF Download