DSL Proximity Head Control

Our range of speciality control solutions is now expanding with the release of a new range based on the successful ASL range of speciality controls. Over 25 years ago, Rucker Ashmore’s eldest son Rusty, became a C5 tetraplegic as the result of a car accident. Driven by a desire to help his son, Rucker began solving some of the challenges Rusty encountered and has been helping others ever since. In association with ASL, Dynamic Controls are making these products available in exclusively with our DX and DX2 control systems.

Who can benefit?

Our speciality controls are highly successful for individuals with moderate to severe neuromuscular control such as Cerebral Palsy. They are also strongly recommended for assisting with degenerative disabilities that result in diminishing strength over time. Speciality controls can help individuals in many ways:

  • Provide mobility for those who have difficulty using traditional joysticks
  • Develop spatial awareness and communication skills through interaction
  • Improve independence through more personal control and choice
  • Reduce onset of fatigue at the end of the day
  • Enable transition planning for degenerative disabilities by simple replacement of the input device without having to change the electronics system.

DX and DX2 System

Speciality controls and the DX/DX2 system go hand in hand. The DX/DX2 product family is a high performance wheelchair control system which features a wide variety of input and output devices. It is a single system that is easily expandable through mix and match modules to meet a wide range of specialised user needs.

Specialty Displays

The DX-REMG91 and G91S are high-end display remotes specifically designed for use with speciality controls and are the ideal match with the Proximity Head Control.

Key features:

  • Exclusive to the DX/DX2 system
  • Connects via a single cable
  • Simple LED indicators ideal for those with difficulty seeing complex displays
  • Ambient Light sensor that adjusts brightness to suit the environment
  • Input devices may be easily changed to cater for changing needs