Building on the legendary performance of Rhino, Dynamic Controls delivers the most powerful and advanced scooter controller yet with Rhino2. The Rhino2 controllers offer superior drive control, optimised ride comfort and a high level of configuration, making it suitable for a wide variety of scooters.

Added to the Rhino2 range is a new more powerful 180A peak current (200A boost current) controller. The Rhino2 range delivers powerful boost current when you need it, peak stated current for a minimum of 3 minutes (60s for DS180) and an incredible continuous current rating, all in a compact, rugged design.

Designed to closely match the performance of the original Rhino, the Rhino2 Classic range takes advantage of the enhanced features of Rhino2, whilst giving OEMs more options to match the optimal controller to a scooter. The Rhino2 Classic range delivering a powerful boost current and a peak current time up a minimum of 60s.

With the original and Classic Rhino2 variants you can future proof your products by offering your customers the very best of safety and security with dual decode signal processing. Your dealer networks will appreciate the advanced battery management and feedback, designed to ensure that end users maximize their battery's life.


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rhino2comp Custom1 DS90/120 with Terminal cover and DS160


Key Features

  • Industry leading power & performance
  • Advanced safety and battery protection
  • Compact and durable full metal casing (IP54)
  • Thermally optimised design
  • Smooth power delivery
  • Automatic speed adjustment to compensate for changes in driving surfaces
  • Fully programmable drive profiles
  • Motor open and short circuit testing while driving, detects broken brushes
  • Improved downhill speed control to maintain or reduce speed as desired



Part Number                               Description Peak Current Peak Current Duration Continuous Current Boosted Current (10 Sec)
Rhino2 Classic range       
DS70C 70 Amp Controller 70 Amp 60 seconds 25 Amp

90 Amp

DS110C 110 Amp Controller 110 Amp

60 seconds

43 Amp 130 Amp
DS160C 160 Amp Controller 160 Amp 60 seconds 50 Amp 180 Amp

Original Rhino2 range


90 Amp Controller

90 Amp 3 minutes 36 Amp 100 Amp
DS120 120 Amp Controller 120 Amp 3 minutes 48 Amp 140 Amp
DS160 160 Amp Controller 160 Amp 3 minutes 64 Amp

180 Amp

DS180 180 Amp Controller 180 Amp 60 seconds 64 Amp 200 Amp*
*The DS180 has a boosted current of 200A for 5 seconds
Material Electroplated die-cast aluminium
Protection Rating IP54
Operating Temp -25ºC to 50ºC
Size 153mm x 100mm x 44mm


Terminal cover – An optional terminal cover is available for additional mechanical protection to the terminals

Connector kits – a variety of terminal kits are available for ease of installation