The R-Series is a high quality, value for money scooter controller that will provide a refined drive experience, available in 50A and 90A versions.

Rseries1-DR501 DR50-A01

dr90-a011 DR90-A01

Key features

  • Advanced kerb climbing and hill starting capabilities
  • Greater safety through improved stability and control when turning
  • Programmable acceleration curves, zero roll back on slopes
  • Industry standard connections and mounting
  • Two drive profiles
  • Brake and reverse lights
  • Advanced diagnostics and smart servicing indicator
  • Complete set of all connectors required to install R-Series controllers.

Part Numbers

  • DR50-A01 R-Series 50A Scooter Controller
  • DR90-A01 R-Series 90A Scooter Controller
Technical Specifications
Material Die-cast aluminium base, plastic cover (UL94 V-O rating)
Protection Rating IPX5
Operating Temp -25 to 50°C
Size 131.5 x 72.5 x 40 mm
Weight 260 grams