There are a range of remote modules that can be mixed and matched across the various LiNX series from simple sit and drive to rehab systems.  Below is an overview of each one available.






The LiNX LE Low Profile Remote Module features insight-driven ergonomic styling, with the controls oriented towards the user. For many users, this makes it more comfortable, safer and simpler to use due to the larger hand rest area and easier access to the controls

 cropped REM602


The LiNX LE Traditional Remote Module has been designed with a more conventional market in mind. It features the joystick oriented towards the user, offering a familiar style and hand protection from doorways, tables and walls




The LiNX 100 Series Enhanced Traditional Remote Module builds on the functionality of the Low Profile and Traditional remote modules with the addition of Bluetooth to enable additional functionality.


DLX-REM210 -A / DLX-REM211-A

The LiNX 200 Series Traditional Remote 210 -  limited seating offers a simple, entry-level option for wheelchairs that can control up to 2 seating functions, but don’t require lighting. It focuses on ease of use and a straightforward, no-fuss LED panel with familiar symbols and large icons. 

The LiNX 200 Series Traditional Remote 211 - full seating, builds on the REM210 by enabling control of more than 2 actuators and the seamless integration of secondary inputs.



The LiNX 200 Series Traditional Remote 215 - lights and limited seating adds lighting control to the REM210 features.

The LiNX 200 Series Traditional Remote 216 - lights and full seating adds lighting control to the REM211