The LiNX Drive Only Low Profile and Traditional remote modules have been designed with feedback from end users. Two different shapes and joystick orientations enable them to be matched to individual user's needs. Both feature a low deflection force joystick, plus simple controls, making them an excellent platform.




The LiNX Low Profile Remote Module features insight-driven ergonomic styling, with the controls oriented towards the user. For many users, this makes it more comfortable, safer and simpler to use due to the larger hand rest area and easier access to the controls






cropped REM602DLX-REM060-A


The LiNX Traditional Remote Module has been designed with a more conventional market in mind. It features the joystick oriented towards the user, offering a familiar style and hand protection from doorways, tables and walls






 What are the benefits of the LiNX Remote Modules?

  • Simple and intuitive controls with a high quality finish
  • Both remote modules incorporate feedback from users on how they prefer to use them
  • Low deflection force joystick reduces user fatigue
  • Bus cable disconnection at the remote module keeps cable replacement costs to a minimum
  • Convenient access to the programming port and off-board charger