All LiNX power modules are a clever balance of reduced size and optimum performance. They incorporate patented new technology that ensures best in class drive performance and are packed with new features together with the core functionality you have come to expect in a standard power module. They are available with a range of output currents (40A, 50A, 60A, 75A and 120A per channel).

linx-le-power-module1DLX-PM40-A or DLX-PM50-A



The LiNX LE (40A & 50A) power modules have been designed for indoor, lightweight wheelchairs used typically by geriatrics or those experiencing a reduction of mobility but without any significant disability. They are ideal for solutions requiring best in class drive at a cost effective price point.







The LiNX 100 (60A, 75A & 120A) power modules are suited to a wide range of uses from simple sit and drive through to rehabilitation. Power ratings cover a range of wheelchair sizes and a wide variety of environments. Additional features, such as a real time clock, multifunction pins and on-board charger connections plus the ability to be used with other LiNX modules makes them a versatile base to any system.



What are the benefits of the LiNX Power Modules?

  • New drive technologies deliver an easier and more enjoyable ride experience for users

  • Superior ride experience on difficult surfaces such as thick carpets or when moving between different surfaces

  • Significantly enhanced fine-control at low speed resulting in greater control going through doorways or approaching desks

  • Excellent hold on slopes

  • Easy adoption - uses the same battery and motor connectors as existing Shark and DX2 products in addition to the same mounting pitch as Shark products


What are the additional benefits of the LiNX 100 Power Modules?

  • User selectable drive functions enable tailoring to user preferences and various environments

  • Simple attendant remote module capability by plugging in a cable and a LiNX remote module

  • Reduced support costs by monitoring wheelchair usage and battery abuse with the built-in statistics recorder

  • Improved fault diagnostics from knowing the date and time that faults and events occur

  • New advanced state-of-charge battery gauge giving accurate battery charge information