The LiNX 200 Series brings seating to life on the LiNX system, building on the functionality introduced in LiNX 100 Series. New to this system are power modules with actuators and lights, standalone actuator modules, gyro, tilt and switch modules together with new features focusing on intuitive programming, fully flexible control inputs and live diagnostics. The ability to mix and match becomes more evident and is bought to life with the range of products now supporting true end user tailoring. The seamless nature of the system makes it easy for therapists to change modules as their clients’ needs change.

What are the benefits of the LiNX 200 Series System?

  • A reinforced safety stance with a wheelchair that produces diagnostic information on a range of factors giving the user greater confidence when driving their wheelchair and a provider more information to help trouble shoot.
  • Prevention of over or under prescription by giving therapists a seamless expandable system helping get the most effective life and mobility solutions as a clients’ needs change.
  • Reduced complexity and stock holding for providers by having one mix and match system to deal with • Saved time and a more interactive hand over experience for therapists and clients with wireless programming
  • Saved space on wheelchairs with actuators in the power module ensuring that most rehab lite systems can be created with a remote module and a power module.
  • Familiarity and simplicity for wheelchair users with a consistent user interface on the remote module with intuitive seating and lighting controls.
  • Live diagnostics and information direct to the user with the new “My LiNX App” which connects with the LiNX power wheelchair system and provides information such as current and previous fault codes, and battery state of charge which can be shared directly with a service centre.