LiNX LE System

LiNX LE is the simplest system in the wider LiNX portfolio. It is an entry level wheelchair control system, providing a simple sit and drive solution, ideally suited to light weight indoor use and potentially transportable chairs. While simple, it does utilise the benefits of the new technology platform resulting in a better drive experience and state of the art programming. It is the preferred solution where simplicity, reliability and superb drive performance are most important. The LiNX LE system offers a choice of two remote modules and a choice of two LE power modules, (see product information section)

What are the benefits of the LiNX LE System?

  • New drive technologies resulting in an easier and more enjoyable ride experience for users
  • Innovative programming tools make the system easier to set up
  • Insight driven, remote module options; an innovative low profile remote with unique ergonomic features or a more traditional design for those that want familiarity.
  • Suitable for all wheelchair configurations: FWD, CWD and RWD
  • Simple and intuitive controls with a high quality finish
  • Uses the same battery and motor connectors as existing Shark and DX2 products
  • Power Module has the same mounting pitch as Shark.
  • Global standards compliant
  • Off-board charger connection via an industry-standard XLR connector
  • Intended for use with Class A and Class B wheelchairs as defined in ISO7176 Part 5 and EN12184

LiNX Drive Only (DO) System

The second release of LiNX Sit and Drive system expands on the LiNX LE system. The system is packed with new features and introduces a range of power modules, making them ideal for everyday indoor and outdoor use, and also suitable for bariatric needs. With a focus on simplicity and ease of use, the power modules and remote modules can be mixed and matched to best suit your wheelchair and users' needs. The LiNX DO system is a mix and match of a choice of two remote modules and a choice of three 100 Level power modules, (see product information section)What are the benefits of the LiNX DO System?

  • Reduced programming time with wireless state-of-the-art programming
  • A greater focus on safety with safety envelopes placed around critical parameters such as speeds, accelerations and motor resistance
  • Anti-rollaway – limiting the wheelchair to a safe speed if rolling away on a slope
  • Improved stability with new and improved algorithms
  • Selectable drive settings for different environments
  • You now have the ability to provide your field service technician with the best possible information using the LiNX diagnostic features
  • Your wheelchairs will drive well on all surfaces and in all conditions with the patented Dynamic Load Compensation technology, ensuring an easier and more enjoyable ride experience
  • An enhanced battery gauge offering an improved more accurate battery state of charge reading
  • Pre-configured wheelchair set ups, storing up to eight unique configuration