DX2 Gyro Benefits for Powered Wheelchair Mobility

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The DX2 Gyro technology compares input demand from a joystick or switch source with the direction that the wheelchair is tracking. When the system detects that the wheelchair is deviating from the intended course of direction it automatically corrects the path of travel.

Fitting wheelchair systems with DX2 Gyro will enable wheelchair users to:

gyrobadge1Achieve more:

Less corrective actions which reduces the physical and cognitive demand during driving

More time in their day to participate in life activities through increased point to point driving accuracy, especially for alternative control users (head    controls and switch drivers)

Be safer:

Increased safety on uneven drive surfaces at all wheelchair speeds

Better drive performance on soft surfaces, especially at low speeds, as the gyro will automatically compensate to eliminate ‘whip’ (stalling followed by an over demand)

Safer driving in winter weather conditions as the gyro can compensate for slipping off course

Improve sense of mastery:

Increased driving confidence as their wheelchair follows their commands with high accuracy