Dynamic Controls is a world leader in innovating electronic solutions that enhance the lives of the elderly and those with a disability. The company has brought freedom to many through mobility (power wheel chairs and scooters) and increasingly through communications and connectivity to the world.
Our success has driven international expansion, with fully owned Dynamic Controls operations established in our key markets, including Dynamic Controls Europe (servicing all of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East), Dynamic Controls North America (Canada, US and South America) and Dynamic Controls Asia. These centers are dedicated to working closely with our customers (often on-site), to achieve a wide range of objectives, including sales, support, service and distribution.
Our latest innovations are incorporated in a new technology platform, LiNX.  This is a culmination of several years’ collaboration with customers and a focus on insight generation throughout our value chain from power wheelchair users and clinicians through to providers and manufacturers.
In developing LiNX our approach has been to work with our power wheelchair customers to understand what their drivers were and to bring together all our learnings and technologies and use it to help determine a path for LiNX. We also determined that we needed to reduce our product numbers and variations as did our customers and their logistics teams with the cost savings potential. Therapists were also asking for this as the number of systems they were having to learn made them feel stupid.
We had a dream of creating an expandable, one platform system from sit and drive through to complex rehab, making it simpler for customers and knowing it would be easier for the application of new technologies onto a modern platform.




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